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I'm tired. Like - in my head tired. - Hear me roar

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March 21st, 2010

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09:16 pm - I'm tired. Like - in my head tired.

It's Sunday night, my attempt to put the kidlet to bed didn't work so Andrew is trying this time, and so I could (should) be doing anything useful (like the mountain of dishes, or some sewing, or tidying, or the budget, or cleaning the scrawled-on-tub, or really, ANYTHING), but here I am, not doing any of those things.

I don't even want to continue my 365. And I've done so well so far.


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Date:March 23rd, 2010 04:54 pm (UTC)
You've lasted longer than we did with our 365.

We really need to get a new camera or get ours fixed. I think when we were in China, the heat that day messed it up.

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