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Part 1... done. - Hear me roar

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July 23rd, 2013

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08:53 am - Part 1... done.
Phewf. So the move is completed, and I have such respect and gratitude for my friends and partner. Let me tell you. It was a rough day.

The woman hadn't finished packing - I was helping her pack up her kitchen, for example.

She hadn't cleaned... some things I'm quite sure she'd never cleaned. The kitchen cupboard doors, once beige, were BLACK from 12 years of fingerprints. The kitchen walls had dark brown lines all over them that DID wash off... after using 3 different cleansers. The master bedroom had a horrid funky smell in it - I have minimized it only by washing the walls, vacuuming and then steam cleaning the floor, and throwing out the closet shelf. And of course the whole place was just... ugh. One of our friends helped for an hour and had to leave - because he had HIVES all over his body (even with taking allergy meds before he started), and his throat was closing. So you know... scary stuff. There were so many holes and screws and hooks and drywall anchors in all the walls (think 10 in a 2 foot square section of the wall... repeated all over the apartment).

And worst of all (what irreparably harmed her relationship with Andrew, who is furious), our 6 friends who came to help were the majority of the workers that day. They moved a TON of her stuff into our old place (and she had so much more than we did), and her thanks was to YELL at them. She was a nasty unpleasant person the whole day and didn't thank them, but did yell at them for where they were placing stuff.

Anyway. It's been a few days. All the screws/etc have been removed and the holes patched, the kitchen is clean and so therefore usable (although there's a leak in the plumbing, which has rotted out the under-sink cabinet, which means there's a smell in there too), Tomas's bedroom is coming along (it's been painted and the old floor removed, a new underlay put in and Andrew plans on getting the laminate in there tonight, so we can get Tomas's stuff set up nicely), and etc. It's getting there. So we can see how nice it's going to be, how wonderful this space will be for us once it's all done.

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Date:July 23rd, 2013 04:15 pm (UTC)
oh, how frustrating! i hope you documented everything the way it was when you moved out of your place, and the condition the new place was in. hopefully you can parlay that into some cheaper rent, or use just in case miss cranky pants decides to give you a hard time about your place.

but yay for friends, partner, and a new, bigger home!

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Date:July 23rd, 2013 05:22 pm (UTC)
It will be wonderful in the end, but in the meanwhile, what an ordeal!!!

I'm not actually surprised that the woman ended up being miserable and unappreciative. Given what you've told me of the condition of her place, and given the circumstances surrounding the whole move, I'm sure she has a ton of mixed feelings, about moving. Plus, she really didn't take care of it. Even people with low standards of cleanliness, must on some level know how nasty their place has become. She might not fully appreciate the extent of how gross it is to others, but I'm sure she knows that it was in rough shape. There is nothing like having other people around moving her stuff, to draw her attention to the squalor, so there was probably a degree of embarrassment of some sort. No excuses for her behaviour, but not at all surprising, none-the-less.

Are you hoping to have it all fixed up by the end of the summer, or is this more of an extended project?
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Date:July 23rd, 2013 09:56 pm (UTC)
Oh certainly, I don't think it's surprising at all.

It's really coming along! Poor Tomas is having to occupy himself for many hours at a time while I paint a room or whatever each day. Until the flooring is done in his room the majority of his toys are unreachable, AND there's very little free floor-space to play on, so it's hard for him to do. I took him to a playground for 2 hours today because I was feeling guilty! Ah, the balancing act.

I think we hope to have much of the fixing done by end of summer, but the 2 larger projects (kitchen replacement and bathroom replacement) might be more... by the end of the year projects. Although of course we'd rather just a few months. We'll see. We're asking for approval for everything (including large projects) on the 30th, so we'll be able to do everything on our schedule.
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Date:July 23rd, 2013 09:51 pm (UTC)
Well, we don't pay "rent", actually, since we're in a co-op we pay a "housing charge" and we are each responsible for the state of the co-op. This translates into (for many) a stronger feeling of attachment and autonomy, better than renting but we're not owners. Well... technically we are part owners but we don't own our units or anything like that.

Another thing about being in a co-op is that who you are and how you treat your neighbours goes a long way in disputes such as these - and we're both known to be friendly and responsible and thorough and honest and etc... and she's known to be a shirker and unpleasant, so that carries a lot of weight. Should she actually bring an issue to the board (which I don't think she will, she and I have been pleasant to each other every day since then, and I was pleasant to her throughout the move, even when she was nasty, so I think the worst is over that way), general opinion will be in our favour.

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